RYAH is the first vaporizer that lets you track and control how much you inhale, ensuring consistent, predictable results.

Vape Smarter

RYAH promises a high quality vaporizing experience that enables you to accurately track how much you inhale in order to deliver consistent and predictable results

Airflow sensor

Accurately measures airflow within 5 ml increments to ensure a consistent experience


Diffused mouthpiece

Extended pathway cools the vapor for a pleasant experience

Diffused mouthpiece

Easy to clean

No turns in the vapor pathway makes cleaning RYAH as simple as possible

Easy to clean

LED indicator

Quickly swap between different temperature presets that you save in the app

Temp control presets

Medical Grade Materials

RYAH only uses the highest quality materials

Session management presets

Cartridge chamber

Accommodates oil and dry herb cartridges for extreme versatility

cartridge chamber

You're in control

Set your temperature, control your dose, and track your statistics - all with the RYAH app

Save the most effective temp + dose preset
Compare Cartridges
Review Sessions
temperature control

Precise Temperature Control

Control your temperature by 1 degree increments

Accurate Session Management

Set how many mL of vapor you want to inhale to prevent accidentally over-consuming

Review Your Sessions

Review each session to learn how different cartridges, temperatures and amounts inhaled affect each session

Compare cartridges

Know what to expect by understanding the effects that each cartridge produced for you in the past

Save most effective temperature and dose presets

Recreate the perfect session and enjoy a consistent experience

Personalized Medicine

RYAH’s disposable QR cartridges enable you to track the effectiveness of every cartridge you purchase, making it easy to understand which products best suit your needs

Cartridge Recognition
Even heat distribution
No packing or grinding required
Child Proof
High quality partners
Designed for oil and dry herb

Partner With Us

RYAH is looking to build long-lasting relationships with trusted, quality partners. If you are interested in working with RYAH, fill out the information below and we will promptly follow up.

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